Councillor Neil Fisher, Councillor Tony Williams, pupils and Principal Kurt Goodwin of Mt Archer State School.
Councillor Neil Fisher, Councillor Tony Williams, pupils and Principal Kurt Goodwin of Mt Archer State School. RRC

New footpath, road seal and speed bump to start school year

STUDENTS of Mount Archer State School are able to go back to school a bit safer.

A $742,000 project has been completed on Thozet Rd, with a new footpath on the eastern side of road, a full asphalt reseal, reconstruction of a speed hump on the Thozet Rd-McCabe Ave intersectinn and stormwater improvements.

Infrastructure chairman Councillor Tony Williams said these types of projects were very important to council.

"We have completed some incredible projects recently, but sometimes the less exciting ones miss out on the headlines,” Cr Williams said.

"Just because they don't regularly make the news doesn't mean they don't make a difference, and the new footpath at Thozet Rd is a great example of that.

"Where once children and parents would have to walk alongside cars, this new footpath provides a safer and easier route to school.

"A continuous section of off-road concrete footpath has been established between Kerrigan St and the Mount Archer School, linking the two existing footpaths at Lilley Ave and Duthie Park.

"This project happened because the local community and the Mount Archer school asked us to see what we could do to make this route safer.

"I am really pleased to hear from so many residents and pupils about the difference it is making. I was proud to contribute money from my individual councillor budget for this too.

"It's part of improving our footpaths and their accessibility across the region and it's great to start seeing these results.”

Divisional councillor Neil Fisher thanked the Mount Archer school community for their proactive approach to road safety around the school.

"School principal Kurt Goodwin and the Mount Archer Parents and Citizens' Association regularly meet with council,” he said.

"Developing footpath networks around Mount Archer State School has been a priority and I am delighted to see these works completed - no longer will we see children walking or parents pushing prams on Thozet Rd to school.

"As well as the Thozet Rd pathways, the collaboration with the school has delivered pathway improvements surrounding the school funded from my Division 2 infrastructure budget.”