Journeys in Belonging, by Gatton-born artist Sharon Davson.
Journeys in Belonging, by Gatton-born artist Sharon Davson. Contributed

New home for Gatton artist's $110k Baz Luhrmann painting

JOURNEYS in Belonging, by frequent Toowoomba visitor and Gatton-born acclaimed artist Sharon Davson, has been unveiled by Port Macquarie-Hastings Council Mayor Peta Pinson as the latest acquisition into the Glasshouse Regional Art Gallery collection.

Almost two decades ago, in February 1990, Davson donated Moving On, a woven silk screen print to the council collection. 

Now, a painting accompanies that work.

Cr Pinson said the gallery was "so excited" to have acquired Davson's wonderful painting.

"It is so relevant to our region, and as soon as the insurances are sorted, we will be touring it.  On behalf of council and the Glasshouse Regional Gallery, we want as many people as possible have the opportunity of seeing and being inspired by Sharon Davson's painting," she said. 

Journeys in Belonging is part of Davson's Art With Others series started in the early 2000's. 

It incorporates an autographed handprint by former local and Academy Award winning film director, Baz Luhrmann.

He had his hands painted by Davson in the Vogue Magazine offices in Sydney on September 3, 1993. 

With many Australian and international projects occurring over the intervening years, it was only in 2019, and following sales of her paintings into two Port Macquarie private collections, that the artist chose to work on a painting that included the area's most famous creative leader.

Starting with the handprint, Davson added a backing board, real and painted jig-saw puzzles pieces, local geography and landmarks; as well as imagery that touches on both her journey in life and Baz Luhrmann's, and symbolic imagery that resonates through her art giving layers of meaning to the painting. 

Journeys in Belonging is an oil painting 51 cms by 61 cms and valued at $110,000.  

Other works in her Art With Others series are to be found in collections in the United Kingdom and Israel, as well as in Australia. 

In Gatton, some works from this series have been exhibited in the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre Gallery (2009 and 2016-17), with a couple also displayed in the Davson Art Gallery (2018). 

Davson has an extensive international career spanning four decades. 

Her art is housed in royal, celebrity, art gallery museum, corporate and private collections. 

This includes paintings in the Northern Territory Art Gallery and Museum in Darwin, NT, and in the Hikaru Memorial Museum in Takayama, Japan. 

Other works are spread across the globe in the UK, the USA, Japan, Israel, Denmark and New Zealand, with a concentration of pieces in Australia.

Two major retrospective collections of her art have toured in public regional art galleries in Australia; With Gratitude for the Light 1999-2002, and Davson, World Leaders and Enlightenment 2008-2011. 

In Gatton a public art gallery bears her name and she was inducted into the Cultural Centre Hall of Fame in 2018.

Davson is unique among artists in that she has also started six international initiatives to assist greater well-being for all on our Earth.

Sharon Davson is known in many countries a world leading spiritual and environmental artist, and paintings by her are highly valued amongst collectors.

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