FLYING FOXES: Isaac Regional Council has worked with the community on this issue.
FLYING FOXES: Isaac Regional Council has worked with the community on this issue. Judy Leitch

New rules to help manage flying foxes

THIRTEEN considerations will be used to determine if flying foxes can be relocated in the Isaac region.

A collection of ideas and feedback from residents will help Isaac Regional Council inform key themes of its flying fox statement of management intent.

"From education to roosting locations and human health and wellbeing to park access were among the suggestions that soared,” Isaac region mayor Anne Baker said.

"This community feedback helped inform a Statement of Management Intent for managing flying foxes.”

Cr Baker said the council understood it was one of the first councils in Australia to work with the community to form the management strategy.

"The SOMI outlines the principle of ownership of land and where the responsibilities are on state, privately owned and council land while acknowledging that all management actions undertaken at flying fox roosts would comply with the prescribed methods outlined in the Code of Practice - Ecologically Sustainable Management of Flying Fox Roosts and within the legislative frame work of the Nature Conservation Act 1992,” she said.

"The SOMI also outlines special circumstances when it comes to council providing assistance to landholders to manage flying foxes on privately-owned land.”

Cr Baker said the council would consider a number of factors when considering if it was viable for council to intervene on council-owned land and in special circumstances.

"From the 13 considerations, they include the proximity, number and species of the roosts, whether it is breeding season or rearing young, level of risk to human health, the cost to council from management actions to the likelihood of relocation to another site which causes further community concern,” she said.

"Any decision on the management of flying foxes will only be made based on a business case that addresses the 13 considerations.”