INCONTINENCE: Can be treated.
INCONTINENCE: Can be treated.

New Rocky service to tackle 'taboo' women's health issue

RESOURCES available for women's health in Rocky will be boosted by the arrival of Queensland's first mobile urodynamic testing service to be operated by a female urologist.

Dr Katherine Gray from Brisbane Urology Clinic is aiming to break down barriers and social taboos in one of the biggest unspoken health issues facing women today, urinary incontinence.

The resources available in regional areas like Rockhampton to test and treat the condition have for some time been lagging behind major metropolitan areas.

But all that is set to change with the launch of a mobile urodynamic clinic on February 1 at the Hillcrest Hospital Rockhampton.

Dr Gray will be the first female urologist to operate a mobile urodynamic service in Queensland and will be able to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions.

She said 70% of people with urinary leakage do not seek advice and treatment for their problem, and that's something that we're urgently seeking to change.

"Urinary incontinence implies lack of control which I think a lot of women see a point of embarrassment, when in reality it's an involuntary action you have no choice in," she said.

Dr Gray said new technology and treatment options have advanced to resolve these symptoms and allow women to return to a normal, healthy lifestyle.

"The impact of incontinence can be unbearable and women are often too embarrassed to seek help from their doctor," she said.

"This is unfortunate as there is more likelihood of a cure for those who receive treatment at an earlier point.

"Many women during and after menopause have urinary incontinence when they exercise, laugh, cough and even stand up, so the potential impact in regions like Rockhampton applies to a big portion of women."

Dr Gray said like many topics in the realm of urology, incontinence is a condition that's unfortunately still taboo for many sufferers, to the point where being affected can lead to feelings of shame and reluctance to seek help.