Josep Gombau is the new Western Sydney Wanderers coach.
Josep Gombau is the new Western Sydney Wanderers coach. Matt King

New Wanderers boss Josep Gombau promises stylish football

HE steps into big shoes, but new Wanderers boss Josep Gombau is already promising a "long-term project” and "attractive football that people want to see”.

Gombau was unveiled on Wednesday morning after resigning from his role as Olyroos coach, returning to the A-League where he coached Adelaide United from 2013-15 and succeeding Tony Popovic at Western Sydney.

His predecessor not only built the squad from scratch but also delivered unprecedented success for a nascent team, but Gombau insisted he was unfazed by building on that legacy.

Rather than promise an immediate title chase, the 41-year-old said his team would be "competitive” this season as he begins to implement his view of attacking, goal-scoring football.

Wanderers chairman Paul Lederer spoke of visions "aligning” and said he hoped Gombau stayed long beyond the three years in his contract - a timescale Gombau echoed.

"As Paul said, we are thinking of a long term project, to build something big and a style of play,” he said.

"In a perfect world I would have a pre-season and work with the players. But we can't choose the timing, so we will build this process and be competitive at the same time.

"I am not worried for the next game, I want to build something big.

"For sure we will be competitive, for sure we can do a big job and do both things together.

"The first thing is to put on a style, to play good football, to play attractive football, and if you do this then the results will come.

"As a coach everybody wants to win.

"Any coach can promise a trophy, any coach can promise to win the next game. But if someone says that they are lying.

"Football is a game.

"But we will work hard, we will play attacking football that the people want to see, we will score goals; if you do all this work, and fight every single minute, for sure the results will come.”

Gombau confirmed that interim coach Hayden Foxe would remain as an assistant, and would be in charge of the team for next Monday's trip to Melbourne Victory.

But he brused aside questions about whether he might have been a candidate to replace Socceroos boss Ange Postecoglou, whom he has assisted for the past 18 months.

"There is a coach for the Socceroos and that is Ange,” he said.

"I hope and I believe they will qualify for the World Cup, and I have in mind that Ange will be the coach at the World Cup.

"For me it's not a question because it's not a situation, there is a coach there that does very well and takes us to another level.

"He won the Asian Cup, people forget that, which is not easy.

"The timing in football you can't control. I was happy there, I was enjoying it but when this opportunity came it was big.

"The feeling I have with the Wanderers is special. The first game I played with Adelaide was here and every time I came I enjoyed it.

"As national team coach I attended a lot of games here last season and this.

"Also, as a coach, I want to have a training session every single day, every week. So when an opportunity comes you must decide whether to take it.

"I spoke with Ange, and with the people in the Federation, and they allowed me to take this opportunity.”