knife crime
knife crime

Nine months prison for man busted with weapon in car

HE WAS caught with a knife in a public place – unsheathed in a car – and received a nine month prison term.

Nathan Wayne Lawton, 37, pleaded guilty on July 8 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of possessing a knife in a public place.

Police prosecutor Julie Marsden said police intercepted Lawton driving on George Lane at 2am on March 29 with two passengers.

She said Lawton told police the car was his sister’s and he was in the process of buying it off her.

Ms Marsden said due to Lawton’s nervous behaviour, police conducted a search and found a knife in the front footwell, out of its sheath which was also located.

Lawton had a six page criminal record which included breaching a suspended sentence for a public nuisance charge in February by receiving tainted property and other charges.

Defence lawyer Samantha Legrady said Lawton had been working mowing lawns for almost a year and had finalised the purchase of the car off his sister.

She said on the night, the trio had ‘gone out for a feed’.

Lawton had a six page criminal record.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said Lawton was subject to three court orders at the time of the offence, one which had already been extended once.

He activated the three orders and set a head sentence of nine months prison with immediate parole.