Did you hear the one about the Toowoomba bloke who needed $20 for a beer?
Did you hear the one about the Toowoomba bloke who needed $20 for a beer? Marian Faa

No beer for three years! Bloke's bad decision over booze

SHAUN Andrew Lindley needed to quench his thirst at the pub but there was one small problem - he was broke.

So he grabbed a tiny pocket knife and strolled into a Toowoomba burger store where he ordered the manager to hand over $20.

Then Lindley wandered off to the nearest watering hole to buy some beverages.

That "drunk and stupid" moment landed the 47-year-old repeat offender a three-year sentence after he pleaded guilty to one charge of armed robbery with violence, wilful damage and possessing a weapon.

Lindley asked the Brisbane Supreme Court to overturn the sentence, telling the three appeal justices that he believed it was "excessive".

"The circumstances of this offence were aptly described as amateurish," the appeal judges said this week in their judgment.

"He into a fast-food store, held out a small flick knife and demanded money.

"The following day, the applicant participated in a formal record of interview with police.

"He candidly admitted committing the offence.

"He said that he was drunk and stupid.

"He told police that he intended to spend the money from the robbery at the pub."

The appeal judges disagreed with Lindley's claim that he would spend too long in jail, saying the sentencing judge took into account Lindley's lengthy criminal history, his plea of guilt and his personal circumstances.

Lindley will be eligible for parole in April next year. - NewsRegional