Peter Holt

No downturn in CQ as report shows it is state’s powerhouse

WHILE many industries are currently in the midst of a downturn, a new report has shown Central Queensland is economically strong with $159b worth of projects under way.

The Major Projects Status Report, released Friday, shows CQ remains the strongest part of the state with a near 10% increase in the value of projects under way and planned for the area since April 2011.

Capricorn Enterprise CEO Mary Carroll said the growth meant CQ had continued to be the "powerhouse of the state".

"In 2009 we hit $100billion worth of projects for CQ, which grew in 2011 to $146billion," she said.

"Now in 2013, despite recent downturns, we still have a massive $159billion worth of projects under way and planned for the next decade.

"CQ continues to be the economic powerhouse of the state."

Ms Carroll also said since the April 2011 Major Projects Status Report, a number of projects worth $8billion had been completed in the region, including coal, mineral and energy projects, roads and transport infrastructure, and community and schools infrastructure.

"We must remember that businesses are still employing people," she said.

"These economic fluctuations are part and parcel of our employment cycle and the fact is that a similar number of people were unemployed in the Rockhampton Regional Council boundary in March 2013 (4070 persons) compared to March 2012 (4019 persons)."

Industries investing in CQ in 2013

Coal $55.7b

Energy $87.6b

Rail $6.8b

Road $1.2b