India Imposes Nationwide Lockdown To Contain The Coronavirus Pandemic
India Imposes Nationwide Lockdown To Contain The Coronavirus Pandemic

No new cases but Far North’s coronavirus tally back to 32

THE official tally for the Far North has been reverted to 32 cases - eight active cases and 24 recovered, the Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service says.

Queensland Health had yesterday revised the Cairns tally to 30 after it initially reached 32 last Wednesday, April 8.

The revised tally included six active cases and 24 recovered cases.

The revision was believed to be due to a number of cases who were Cairns residents but had been tested and treated in Brisbane health service areas.

The CHHHS this morning said although the Cairns total had once again reverted to 32 cases, there were no new confirmed cases in the region and had not been any since April 8.

It said it had been advised the fluctuating figures were due to "ongoing maintenance and updates where discrepancies are detected through data quality assurance activities."



Cairns, Mareeba, Tablelands, Douglas and Cassowary Coast local government areas have all been represented in the region's diagnosed cases so far.

Cairns residents who are showing fever or respiratory symptoms qualify for coronavirus testing after the criteria was expanded for Cairns, Brisbane and the Gold Coast due to a number of cases without a confirmed source.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young this morning said there had been a "handful of additional cases" across the state due to increased testing.

"At the moment in Queensland there is very limited community transmission," she said.



Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in QLD




The Cairns region for expanded testing is defined as including Palm Cove to the north, Mareeba to the west and Gordonvale to the south.

Despite a drop in new cases for the region, residents have been warned not to let their guard down.

Infectious disease lecturer at JCU Dr Diana Rojas Alvarez warned that the full impact of the coronavirus may not have even been felt yet in Cairns.

"I don't want to be alarmist but the problem has not even started in Australia," Dr Alvarez said.

"It is very naive to think it will go - winter hasn't begun and that is when respiratory illnesses eventuate."





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