Gracemere resident Caroline Storer at the only crossing on Lawrie Street.
Gracemere resident Caroline Storer at the only crossing on Lawrie Street.

No other choice but Rocky high schools

CAROLINE Storer has lived in Gracemere for 30 years and is astounded there is still no high school.

Her family moved to the area in 1998 and even when she went to school there was talk of a high school.

“I have seen it grow from a country town to what it is now,” she said.

Caroline’s eldest child will be going to high school next year and with no other choice, he will be going into Rockhampton.

Caroline was concerned about her child “getting lost in the system” and apprehensive to send him to the state school due to the larger sizes.

“It’s ended up costing us more to go to a small private school,” she said.

If there was a high school in Gracemere it would have the smaller size she is looking for.

“You want the best education for your kids,” she said.

Caroline also has concerns about the zebra crossing that was taken away at Gracemere State School.

“There are so many kids that have to cross the road unsafely,” she said.

The intersection of Ranger and Lawrie St is also a worry with so many near misses as traffic congests in peak hour.

Caroline feels the police station should be manned 24/7 as the crime rate has risen.

“Having the police presence might decrease the crime,” she said.

The postcode saga has become a drain as Caroline and her husband have been trying to buy a house for the last couple of months.

“When you’re an average working family with children (it’s hard) trying to come up with 20 per cent compared to five per cent,” she said.