QUIET TIMES: Kerrie Hall setting up her stall, Bootie in a Bottle, at the Rockhampton Show.
QUIET TIMES: Kerrie Hall setting up her stall, Bootie in a Bottle, at the Rockhampton Show. Contributed

No profits made for this Rocky show stallholder

A ROCKHAMPTON Show stallholder says her takings were down a massive 84 per cent this year as dwindling numbers attended the event.

Owner of baby and novelty gifts market stall Bootie in a Bottle, Kerrie Hall, spoke with The Morning Bulletin about her show experience.

"It was very depressing by the end of it,” she said.

Mrs Hall paid $400 for a stall in the Walter Pierce Pavilion.

"We have paid that every year, usually I wouldn't have a problem with the business we get at the show, the future business, the promotion,” Mrs Hall said.

But her sales were well down this year.

Over three days, Mrs Hall made a total of $328.

That's $72 short of making her stall fee back, let alone a profit or payment for her time.

On top of this, Mrs Hall, off her own back, also paid for $120 worth of Facebook advertising for her stall at the show.

This year was the business's third year at the Rockhampton Show.

This year's meagre takings were a vast difference from Bootie in a Bottle's previous takings at the show.

In her first year in 2016, the stall brought in $1,620 and last year Mrs Hall took home $2,069 in takings.

"This year was very disappointing to words I can't describe,” Mrs Hall said.

"I believe in supporting local, but this is what breaks small businesses.”

The major decrease in profits has made a "massive difference” to Mrs Hall's bank balance.

To try and drum up business at the stall, Mrs Hall had 250 give-away bags with discounts and products in them

In previous years, Mrs Hall said they would have all have been gone on the first day.

But she was still handing them out on the last day, even resorting to giving them away to stallholders.

Mrs Hall hopes the issues with the Guild will be resolved next year.

"We are hoping the community gets behind our small businesses and helps rebuild what this childish feud has caused,” she said.

In a saving grace, the Mount Larcom show is on this weekend.

The Mount Larcom Show Society reached out to Rockhampton stallholders offering a heavily discounted stall fee for vendors.

Mrs Hall hopes to make up some profits at the rural show today and tomorrow.

"We are determined by our drive and dedication to not give up or give in,” she said.

Search Bootie in a Bottle on Facebook or visit www.bootieinabottle.com.au.