Jason Mares was jailed for three years in Maroochydore District Court on Thursday.
Jason Mares was jailed for three years in Maroochydore District Court on Thursday.

‘Not f------ around’: Dad jailed for robbery at knifepoint

A father who held up and robbed a teenage worker at knifepoint so he could buy his son a birthday present has been jailed.

Jason Gustaaf Mares, 47, was jailed for three years in Maroochydore District Court on Thursday for robbing a Sunshine Coast bakery.

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Crown prosecutor Alex Stark told the court an 18-year-old staff member was working alone at a Mountain Creek bakery where she saw Mares walk past on October 9 last year.

Two minutes later, Mares returned with his face obscured with a black cloth and holding a 20cm long knife.

"He pointed it at the victim, demanding she put the money in the bag and handed her a bag," Mr Stark said.

"She indicated she didn't know how to open the till and he told her he 'was not f------ around'."

The court heard about $300 was handed to Mares who took the money and fled to his car.

He had put duct tape over the number plate.

CCTV footage showed Mares which led to his arrest.

Mr Stark told the court Mares was remorseful in a police interview and said he did it because he was going through financial hardship.

He admitted to spending the money on food and a birthday gift for his son.

Mares pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court on Thursday to armed robbery.

Defence barrister Nathan Turner told the court Mares had been waiting for payment for work he had done which led to the desperate act.

The court heard Mares had three children.
He had written a letter of apology to the worker and the owners of the bakery for his actions.

Mr Turner said while the robbery wasn't spontaneous, the decision to rob the bakery was impulsive.

"He expresses great shame and regret for his actions," he said.

A letter submitted to the court by Mares' ex wife said he was otherwise a responsible person who she relied on to assist with their children.

"He felt terrible about the young girl in the store imagining this girl was about the same age as their daughter," she said in her letter.

Judge Richard Jones said it was clear Mares' offending was motivated by financial desperation.

"It would have been a terrifying experience for that young lady," he said.

"Whilst a very unsophisticated robbery, there were clearly elements of a degree of planning in wearing a disguise and covering the number plates."

Mr Jones said young people working alone shouldn't have to worry about being confronted by armed robbers.

Mares was sentenced to three years jail, with a parole release date of May 23 next year.