Notorious Coast brothel property back on the market

A BUILDING at Chinderah that housed a notorious brothel is back in play following a 'kink' in its ownership.

It seems something's rubbed one of the building's joint owners up the wrong way and the so-called silent partner has bought the other owner out.

Now the unnamed landlord's apparently decided that the sex industry's not exactly his cup of tea and he wants to withdraw.


Picture of Chinderah's Haven 33.
Picture of Chinderah's Haven 33.


The two-level purpose-built bordello building, these days home to an establishment called Haven 33, is on the sales rack with a tag of close to $1 million.

It's being run as what is termed a private adult studio setup and comes with a range of sex 'apparatuses', much of it imported.

That's a tad removed from the straight-out brothel operation for which the building was designed.

The then-new property made headlines in 2000 when radiographer-turned-brothel operator Victor Elliott was shot dead at the property's gates.

The building, close to a Pacific Highway truck stop, was leased to a number of brothel operators up until 2013, ranging from a fish-and-chip shop owner to a builder, but all apparently blew their dough.


Picture of Chinderah's Haven 33.
Picture of Chinderah's Haven 33.


One of the operators was Ken Lacey, father of gangster brothers Dionne and Jade Lacey, who described his Club Lace as 'five star - very, very classy'.

Seven years ago the building's then owner, Sydney investment company Supertramp, became frustrated with tenants and locked up the property.

It was auctioned in 2016 but did not sell until three years later.

Today's occupier, Haven 33, describes itself on Facebook as one of Australia's finest BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission) fetish boudoir kink spaces.

"Elegant, high-class facilities allow you to enter your world of fantasy and escape from your everyday life."

The Haven 33 operator apparently injected more than $200,000 into a very dark fit-out and into equipment such as whips, chains, stocks, and a glory box - whatever that is!

The 'haven' includes private rooms, cages, a classroom, and even a kitchen with German appliances.

Any buyer of the property might also be able to acquire the 'goodies'.

Curious about 'events' held at the property, such as Halloween's 'Swinging with a Kink'?

Read on:

"For those of you that feel uncomfortable being unrestricted and free, the interrogation room and bondage chair awaits. There will be plenty of 'medical experts' ready to take your temperature as you are strapped in or tied up with the new leather straight-jacket.

"Perhaps, there will be a need to make sure you are sanitised and good hosing down will be required!"

Meanwhile, while some of the operators who have plied their business in the building have limped away financially sore, property agent Byron Glen has been the opposite.

No, he hasn't been a brothel patron but he's sold the building twice for different owners and has been given the job again.

The Bourke Commercial agent's mum on who he's acting for, other than to say it's a northern NSW resident.

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