‘Off the rails’: Former drug trafficker back in court

ALMOST eight years after being sentenced for trafficking drugs, a Rockhampton man has been ordered to stay in prison until August after being busted with methamphetamines.

Brenton David Leonard Palmer, 30, pleaded guilty on July 16 in the Supreme Court in Rockhampton to one count of possessing a dangerous drug in excess of two grams.

The court heard Palmer was sentenced on September 6, 2012, by Justice Duncan McMeekin for trafficking drugs when he was 19-21 years old (2009-2011).

Justice Graeme Crow said Palmer was being used as a child by bigger, older drug traffickers.

Crown prosecutor Elise Sargent said the majority of his trafficking offending 10 years ago came from his own admissions to police.

Palmer had been sentenced to five years prison in 2012 and served 12 months.

On November 4, 2019, police found him at a Depot Hill residence, with five other people, in possession of 8.2g of meth, straws, scissors, scales, clip-seal bags and $50 cash.

Defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco said Palmer had worked in the tyre industry and had done two years of a motor mechanics apprenticeship.

“At this time (possession), he was pretty much going off the rails,” he said.

“He developed an addiction to ice.”

Mr Lo Monaco said the reasons why Justice McMeekin had been lenient in 2012 where still relevant today – Palmer has ADHD, Autism, panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

He said Palmer had a brain tumour removed from his frontal lobe in 2007 and was diagnosed with grand mal epilepsy in 2009.

“He told me these seizures have diminished over time,” Mr Lo Monaco said.

He said when Palmer returned to using drugs, it was after a stressful time where he was being pressured by his partner’s parents about his past; Palmer and his partner broke up, with Palmer going to stay with a friend where he was offered meth.

“He relapsed,” Mr Lo Monaco said.

Justice Crow ordered Palmer to a 2.5 year prison term with parole after serving nine months, parole release was set for August 20, 2020.

“This drug will ruin you Mr Palmer,” he said.