WW2 veteran breaks own world record as oldest scuba diver

A BRITISH World War Two veteran has broken his own record as the world's oldest scuba diver after exploring a wreck off the coast of Cyprus over the weekend.

Ray Woolley, who turned 95 on August 28, visited the popular diving site - the Zenobia shipwreck - for 44 minutes at a depth of 40.6 metres, beating his previous best of 41 minutes and 38.1 metres, set when he was 94.

However, Woolley has no plans to rest on his laurels - or oxygen tanks - quickly planning next year's record attempt after returning from the depths.

"We did it...I feel great," Woolley said to his supporters. "It's lovely to break my record again and I hope if I can keep fit I will break it again next year with all of you."

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Woolley, a radio operator during the Second World War, started diving 58 years ago - nearly 20 years before the sinking of his latest dive!

"I am trying to prove to myself, and I hope to other people, that exercise, especially when you are getting to around my age, is most important to do," he told reporters.

Woolley, who now lives in Cyprus, first visited the Zenobia in 1982. The cargo vessel sank, taking its cargo which included 90-odd trucks, on her maiden voyage off the town of Larnaca in 1980.

The wreck attracts nearly 60,000 divers each year.