NICE START: Mick Jameison with his first ever king salmon.
NICE START: Mick Jameison with his first ever king salmon.

FISHING TAILS: Once-in-lifetime salmon frenzy

ESTUARIES and hidden corners are the best options this weekend as we get smashed again with plenty of wind.

The only bright side in the immediate weather future appears to be about Monday and Tuesday. Bream, crabs, barra, mangrove jack and whiting are all on the menu at present if you can find a spot where you don't get blown away.

If you didn't catch a salmon this week there is something wrong.

Rubble on the river bank.
Rubble on the river bank.

Half the boats in the area hit The Mighty Fitzroy at some stage over the past week as the numbers of king salmon were unbelievable.

We saw lots of guys take one or two and release the rest.

There were more different techniques than fishers as everyone was trying to find the key to catching them.

We tried casting, jigging, trolling and even letting a plastic hang about three metres down from the boat. All of our methods worked once we were on to the right colour or vibe that attracted the salmon.

There were so many boats that on a normal day there would have been issues, but it was like organised, well mannered chaos.

More rubble on the river bank.
More rubble on the river bank.

There was only one crew who thought they owned the river and didn't mind letting everyone know that we were all invading their space, funny that most of us were there a couple of hours before his lordship pranced into the melee.

Now that the tides have changed and the wind has come up it is hard to  imagine those scenes happening again, ever.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime display that will probably only be talked about in years to come.

Most of the school salmon ranged from around 700mm to 950mm with the odd horse fish among them.

We landed several over the metre mark that were easily let go using barbless hooks. Each time we hooked a fish I went lighter with the gear until my best fish of the day was taken on 4lb gear.

One of the local crew stumbled across a very disappointing sight on the freshwater side of the river.

Here is a little of what he had to say.

My first catch of the day.
My first catch of the day.

"I just spent three days cruising our magnificent Fitzroy River and I may as well be in the outer suburbs of Sydney. I can't believe the rubbish floating down the river. But what really disgusted me was the property owners pushing rubbish over the banks."

"Sick of seeing concrete, bricks, tyres, asphalt, steel and other garbage pushed over the bank into the river out of sight you think! Looks good from your point but like a third world country from water level."

I haven't been up there myself but I would expect that someone should have some explaining to do, least of all the council who apparently know about this. But if someone does have a good explanation/reason or comment use the email address below.

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