One of CQ's oldest veterans killed in crash before Anzac Day

TOMORROW will be the first year Joy Suess won't wave to her dad from the curb side as he drives by in the jeep as part of the Anzac Day parade.

Tragically, Joy's father Stan Werner, 96, died after a fatal accident on Rockhampton-Yeppoon Rd last Wednesday morning while on his way to a group meeting organised by Omega Seniors.

His friend Freda Moore, 91, also passed away as a result of the accident.

In the days before the accident Stan was preparing to practice his speech about Anzac Day that he was going to present at his church service this Wednesday.

Joy and her family have described the result of the shocking accident as "two saints going to heaven on the same day".

Stan Werner fought on the frontline in World War II
Stan Werner served in WWII.

Stan fought in WWII where he served five years on the frontline as a sergeant, making him one of Central Queensland's oldest soldiers.

Joy said he didn't often talk about his time in the war but shared some stories later in his life.

"He was a sergeant and he fought in Papua New Guinea," she said.

"He also used to help out the medical officer in the war. I think it was a real shock to him when he joined up at 21 because he always told us he was a bit of a rascal at Allenstown School.

"After the war he married my mum and had myself and my brother. He then opened his own business in town called Werner Motors, the two buildings he built are actually still there today on Bolsover St.

"After he built the business up he retired early but he didn't really retire because he became a professional fisherman. His driving passion through life was always to put in 100% to everything he did whether it was gardening, delivering meals on wheels, or volunteering at the hospital visiting all of the elderly people."

Joy Suess looks at her dad’s photo Stan Werner Photo Madeline McDonald / Morning Bulletin
Joy Suess looks at her dad's photos. Madeline Mcdonald

But Joy said Stan really found his calling when he made the decision to learn more about God.

"He became so passionate about sharing the stories of Jesus Christ," she said.

"He travelled around as a bible teacher and taught religious instruction at some of the schools, which is what he really loved doing. He was very looking forward to meeting my mum in heaven after she passed away in 2005. He cared for before she passed after she was diagnosed with Alzheimers. She died three days before their 59th wedding anniversary.

"He was very family oriented and loved seeing his two grandchildren and four great grandchildren so he'll be dearly missed by all."

A public funeral will be held on Thursday at 10am at the Lighthouse Bapist Church on Norman Rd.