Nick Cummins is The Bachelor Australia for 2018. Supplied by Channel 10.
Nick Cummins is The Bachelor Australia for 2018. Supplied by Channel 10.

Opinion: Bachelor bombshell a waste of everyone's time

WHAT A waste of time.

Those were the first words that ran through my mind (admittedly with a few expletives interspersed) as my head exploded watching last night's bombshell Bachelor finale.

Although, I'm not too convinced it should be called a finale. More like a flop, or a foolish finish to what I thought was an excellent season of good old fashioned reality TV.

I always thought the Honey Badger was the one for me. After all, that's all a single sheila like myself can help but think when watching Nick Cummins strut his stuff on the telly.

But now, his golden locks do nothing for me. And all I see when I look at that mo is cowardice.

How can someone justify going on a dating show and then say they aren't sure if they're ready to commit fully to someone?

How can you be presented with 20 or so of the most stunning women in Australia, and walk away alone? Voluntarily!

Brittany gave quite a detailed answer about being dumped before the finale
The only love in yesterday's finale.

Quite frankly, only one good thing came out of what ultimately was a glorious waste of a nation's time - the friendship between Sophie and Brit.

The two battlers came together beautifully during last night's heart-wrenching dumping of both of them.

Allowing the audience to watch the two women, broken and bruised, come together and debrief after the floor disappeared from under them looked a lot like the producers' last ditch effort at trying to bring some kind of "love" into an otherwise loveless final episode.

And all I can say to that, despite being left fuming the producers led loyal viewers to believe there would be a winner for weeks, is good move.

After all, two women holding each other crying after a man-child dumped her is something almost every single woman can relate to. Or is that just me?

For goodness sake, Sophie spent the entire season being told by Nick to open up more and let him in on how she was feeling.

In return, she was only ever greeted by the Honey Badger's long silences or, on occasion, an awkward smile. And then she got dumped, with next-to-no explanation.

Brit on the other hand - wow what a powerhouse of a woman.

Even though she is the same age as Nick and possesses a maturity he only ever complimented, it was that which was her ultimate undoing - Nick claiming their "timelines" just didn't match up.

Seriously? Next time I miss deadline that's what I'm going to tell my editor: "Sorry Adam, I just don't think our timelines matched up."

Brooke let her Instagram post do all the talking and it had plenty to say.
Brooke let her Instagram post do all the talking and it had plenty to say.

I truly believe Brooke would've made it to the finale if she hadn't left the show. But to be honest, after last night's cop-out, I can't be sure whether Nick would've picked her.

The logical side of me thinks surely he would've, they were perfect for each other.

But that side of me also thought he would pick somebody, anybody, and at least give the relationship a go after the show ended.

I never thought Brit or Soph were going to be the perfect fit for Nick, but I thought he had to pick somebody!

Mainly because of all the bets people were putting on the girls last night - but also because he's the Honey Badger!

He's not meant to shy away from a tricky situation. He used to run into people for a living! 

So backing out isn't in his nature, right? Wrong.

Turns out every word he muttered, which us single girls were all hanging onto over the past several weeks, was a well-rehearsed line.

So again, Channel Ten... What a waste of time.