DEEPWATER FIRES: Activity at the Wartburg Rural Fire Brigade control centre.
DEEPWATER FIRES: Activity at the Wartburg Rural Fire Brigade control centre. Mike Knott

Opinion: Sad reality headed for bushfire victims

FOR the past few days I've been covering the bush fires around Agnes Water and Deepwater.

I'd been face to face with people in evacuation centres in the Agnes Water and Miriam Vale townships and listening to their stories of despair, fear and the unknown.

It's an important job, and one I believe very strongly in, to show those not so close to here what our community is going through.

As much as I'd tried to focus on the positive stories, the wonderful actions of the communities surrounding the fire zone and the people doing their best to bring hope and positivity, there's was still a desperate wish for answers.

On Tuesday afternoon I was trying to figure out my next move when my editor called.

"We can put you up for another night if you think you need more time," she said.

I declined.

"I'll head back to Gladstone," I said.

"Besides, I think I'll probably sleep better in my own bed."

Lying here at midnight, still unable to sleep with a million thoughts of what was still happening with the fires filling my head, I realise what a flippant remark that was.

A throw away line which takes for granted everything I'd just been writing about.

Had I forgotten so easily where I was, and what was yet to come?

The stark reality is there's a huge number of people in our region who will be suffering through sleepless nights for the next two weeks, unable to return to the comforts of their own home.

Sadly, right now nobody can answer their one simple question.

'Is there a bed for me to go home too?'