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OPINION: ‘There is no room for Trumpism in Australia’



There is no room for Trumpism in Australia

THE American presidential election may be over.

Joe Biden has been declared the winner but Trumpism is not over.

It still lingers in America and it still lingers here in Australia.

After clearly losing the election, Trump remains the most divisive President in American history and continues that role by now making unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud.

Disappointingly, those same claims are being echoed by some of our more conservative Australian politicians, including Matt Canavan and George Christensen.

It is hard to believe that anyone in Australia, much less a Federal MP, would support such an American politician as Donald Trump who is better known for ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic, ridiculing and ignoring science, encouraging far-right extremist groups and conspiracy theories and telling more lies than truths.

Are these the policies and values that we want in Australia?

Are these the values held by Mr Canavan and Mr Christensen?

After fours dark years of Trumpism, America is a broken and divided country, wracked by the pandemic and a widening racial divide. Australia is not America and we must work hard to keep it that way.

There is no room for Trumpism in Australia and there is no room for divisive politicians in Australia.

Tony Fontes, Airlie Beach.


We no longer ride 'on the sheep's back'

COAL pays the bills in Queensland, despite the political push for "zero emissions" globally by 2050. Who can predict the state of our nation in 2050?

Our renewable resource project is in its infant stages, presently untenable at 100% supply. The "zero emissions" target is a bridge too far.

Without mining natural resources, Australia has to find alternate income sources, which will keep the wheels of industry and escalating population moving.

Coal, iron ore and other minerals are our security against impoverishment. Those who protest against mining have no practical solutions to offer.

We no longer ride "on the sheep's back" since the "powers that be" have permitted a slow selling-off to foreign interests of our rural properties.

This now has come back to bite us, for much of our industry and agriculture is in the hands of foreigners, due to our naivety.

China has gradually invested in a bigger slice of the Australian pie, as it has through the region.

The lack of insight and the almighty dollar have created a perfect storm, with China taking a bigger role in the Indo-Pacific region, due to its insatiable hunger for natural resources and future prospects.

Australia is looked upon as a clean, green nation, with our education and health standards some of the world's highest. A working relationship with China as a trade partner is vital to our GDP.

Whatever our allies in the region have determined themselves, we need to keep our eyes on the reality of China's obsession with power. We need to have healthy and congenial political and trading interactions with the world's largest population. It is a two-way street.

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands.




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