OPINION: Three political parties that failed local voters

THE final days of the election campaign are always critical for both voters heading to the ballot box and the candidates vying for the honour of representing their electorate.

The reality is that many voters will only start paying attention in the final days of the campaign, taking out time from their busy schedules to research who their local candidates are and what they stand for.

For the majority of candidates, the week leading up to an election is filled with as many opportunities to get their message out and engage with their potential constituents.

The Dalby Herald's election spread across pages 4-5 is an opportunity for Western Downs residents to get to know their candidates and where they stand on the issues that matter to Australians.

Questions were sent to all seven Maranoa candidates, but unfortunately only four decided to make the effort to respond.   We received prompt responses from Anthony Wallis (Katter's Australian Party), David Littleproud (Liberal National Party), Emmeline Chidley (Greens) and Linda Little (ALP).

I would never tell anyone how they should fill out their voting form, the party or candidate you decide to vote for is your business.   But I know for sure I wouldn't be putting any 1s next to the candidate who could not be bothered to take 10 minutes out of their day to answer basic questions on funding for mental health and schools or voicing their stance on growing our resource sector.

If candidates like Darren Christiansen (Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party), Rosemary Moulden (One Nation) and Julie Saunders (Palmer United Party) want to put their hand up for a high-paying job to represent you, then they should be prepared to do the basics of the job.