OPINION: Who deserves to be sinbined over stadium brawl?

YET again Rockhampton has been caught in the crossfire of politicians who just can’t seem to collaborate on major projects.

It seems incredible to me that we still have Labor and LNP fighting over where a CQ stadium should go.

How is it possible that they can’t work through these various proposals like grown-ups and come up with a good outcome?

How is it that at this late hour in the Browne Park Stadium proposal we still have the LNP dismissing it as unfit for development.

How is that the State Government has not been working with Ms Landry on this major project which would enhance the livibility of this area?

How is it that we haven’t got a top class multipurpose complex when every other major regional centre has?

I haven’t seen the business case for the Browne Park Stadium but if it’s going to cost $80m then I am excited by the prospect of such an investment in the region. I’ll never knock that.

Last year we reported on how the government’s stadium proposal team came to Rockhampton to consult with business people, stakeholders and citizens, but why did they not talk to Ms Landry?

All I have heard from the State Government over the past two years is how positive the Browne Park plan is.

The team argued that the Rockhampton site compared favourably with how Suncorp Stadium had developed over the decades to be a “stroll” from the Brisbane CBD.

I can vouch for the Browne Park precinct’s ability to handle parking for a crowd of 10,000 after attending the Nitro Circus event there a few years ago. I was one of the last to arrive and I still only had to park two blocks away for a 10 minute walk to the ground. Give me that any day of the week for attending a major sporting event.

But what if that happens 15 times a year? Will residents complain and will we end up with parking restrictions?

On the other hand, I still love the idea of having a 20,000 plus seat stadium in the Victoria Park precinct.

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That vision from the NRL Bid Team days in 2014 really excited me.

But what we don’t need is another destructive feud over an essential infrastructure project that ends up with both sides spitting the dummy and the people of CQ again left the losers.

It’s this type of political brawling that torpedoed a flood mitigation upgrade to the Bruce Highway in the 1990s until we hit another crisis in 2011 which finally led to our Bulletin campaign to flood proof the southern entry into the city.

We also copped it with Rookwood Weir, the South Rockhampton Levee and now we are witnessing it again with the debates over the GKI power and water proposal.

When are politicians going to put the people ahead of political pointscoring?

Sit down, talk about it like rational adults and do the right thing by the people who voted you in.

Don’t use political warfare as a reason to opt out.

If someone has a better idea for solving an infrastructure problem, accept it and move on.

We will all be the winners when that takes place.

This should be about progressing the region with bipartisan co-operation.