air conditioning
air conditioning

OPINION: Why our schoolkids need air-con in classrooms

SITTING in one of Kawungan Primary School's classrooms for 20 minutes yesterday was enough to bring home the need for air-conditioning.

In that short time, with only a few fans and no relieving breeze through the afternoon the stifling conditions were hard for adults, let alone children to concentrate in.

And these are the conditions in which we expect our kids no learn.

We don't want to hear "kids these days need to toughen up".

Modern technology has allowed us to improve conditions and when you consider the impacts of recent heatwaves around the nation, this is no longer an issue of comfort but one of safety.

The argument for installing air-conditioning across state school classrooms deserves to be heard again in Queensland Parliament.

That being said, the roll-out plan needs to be made clear.

It's no longer feasible for political parties to make grandstanding promises of getting these devices into schools if they can't outline how they're going to do it in the first place.

If promises are going to be made in opposition, there needs to figures, details, concepts, timelines but the debate deserves a second chance.