Self-serve checkout.
Self-serve checkout. Inga Williams

Opportunistic self-serve checkout theft lands man in trouble

THE victim had used a self-serve check out to pay for groceries and withdraw $200 from her account.

An opportunistic Neville George Haines spied that the victim had left the $200 cash behind when she left the store, so he picked up the cash and walked off.

Haines, 31, pleaded guilty in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Thursday to one charge of stealing.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Darrell Dalton said the victim had used the self-serve checkout about 1pm on February 9 at Northside Plaza's Woolworths.

He said the interaction at the self-serve checkouts was witnessed by the store manager and captured on CCTV, with Haines confronted quickly after the woman returned to the store to collect her cash.

Only $150 of the $200 was returned when Haines was confronted.

"He hasn't been in trouble for quite a number of years,” defence lawyer Zoe Craven said.

"And he has never been before the court for dishonesty offences.”

Haines was ordered to a three-month good behaviour bond and to pay $50 restitution.