BLOOMING BEAUTIES: Davin Gurr is leaving Rockhampton and selling his precious orchid collection
BLOOMING BEAUTIES: Davin Gurr is leaving Rockhampton and selling his precious orchid collection Jann Houley

Orchid lover sells potted friends on to next collector

DID you know there are four times as many orchid species as there are mammal species?

It was through Rockhampton's Orchid Society Davin Gurr first fell in love with all things orchidaceae, but he won't be around for its premier event later this year.

The Koongal man is moving back to his hometown of Adelaide, and looking for good homes for his potted friends.

"About 15 years ago, I went to an Orchid Society display at North Rockhampton High School, and came back with my first specimen,” he said.

hybrid orchid
hybrid orchid Jann Houley

"When it turned out I had a knack for keeping it alive, I thought I'd expand my collection.”

Mr Gurr created a tropical garden surrounding the Sunner St house he first lived in, but the public housing association demolished it once he moved.

The orchids proved more manageable, as he learned the proper techniques to fasten them on boards and feed them.

"Some people insist on collecting the original species, such as the Cooktown orchid,” he said.

"I think it's amazing how other people hybridise them to create an amazing array of different colour flowers.

"Some of them are a bit overpowering, but most of them smell sweet.”

Mr Gurr alerted the Rockhampton Orchid Society his collection is up for sale this weekend, and the public are welcome to come as well.

Maybe one of his beautiful plants will prove the seed for another person's growing passion.

"The anticipation is a big part of it; you see the orchid spike come out then the bud begins to swell.

"You know it's not long then until the spike is going to open all its flowers.”

The triennial celebration of orchids will be held this year at Korte's Resort and the council has announced it will provide $7,000 sponsorship to the event.

It is organised by a council of 17 societies from Caboolture to Rockhampton and this will be the farthest north it has travelled.

Rocky Round Up Orchidfest Show Marshal Jeff Glover said that this is a significant event in the orchid world.

"Ten specialist orchid nurseries will be travelling in for the event, and kindred groups such as the Bonsai Club and the Cake Decorators Club will also be involved.

"It's going to be an unmissable weekend for plant lovers.”

- Davin Gurr's Orchid Sale at 269 Fisher St, Koongal on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July from 12 to 4pm

- The Sub-Tropical Orchid Council Rocky Round Up Orchidfest 2019 at Korte's Resort on Saturday 14 September from 9am to 4pm and Sunday 15 September 9am to 3pm, Admission is $5 and children enter free.  

For more information head to the Rockhampton Orchid Society website or the Facebook event page.