Osher responds to Masked Singer blunder


OSHER Günsberg gave Masked Singer fans plenty to talk about last night - and it wasn't just his bold floral ensemble.

When the beloved TV personality unveiled the enigmatic Unicorn as pop singer Deni Hines, he made a statement amid the excitement that viewers quickly pointed out was incorrect.


Osher, who later admitted he was just "caught up in the moment" as Deni's face was unveiled, incorrectly said she was "the only Australian to have written a song for Beyoncé".

In 2003, Hines penned the song Bienvenue for French group IAM, which featured Bey, but since then, both Sia and Luke Steele of the band Empire of the Sun, have written for the superstar.

Viewers - not willing to let the faux pas slide - took to Twitter to correct the host.

"Did @oshergunsberg just say Deni was the only Australian to write a song for Beyonce like @sia hasnt been in her basement for years," one quipped, while another shared an excerpt from a Wikipedia page revealing that Luke Steele had also written for the pop powerhouse.







Tweeting that seeing Hines under the mask "blew his mind", he later apologised for the gaffe in two separate tweets.


"So she did. My apologies, I was caught up in the moment, my apologies to Sia," he wrote to one fan, adding to another who pointed out Luke Steele's writing work, "Far out I got it REALLY wrong. Thanks for the pickup Cam! Sorry Luke."




While the titbit was likely a mishap at the hands of backstage fact checkers, he would have been correct in saying she was the first to write for Beyonce, given it was in 2003.