Osher Gunsberg hosts the TV series Bachelor in Paradise.
Osher Gunsberg hosts the TV series Bachelor in Paradise. Tom Hollow

Osher takes you behind scenes of Bachelor in Paradise

THE odds may be more in their favour, but Australia's first-ever Bachelor in Paradise contestants still risk heartbreak.

After the success of giving Bachelor favourites Sam Frost and Matty Johnson a second shot finding love, now an entire crop of past contestants will have another go at dating on reality TV in Ten's new spin-off.

Spanning all five seasons of The Bachelor and three seasons of The Bachelorette, the returning singles include Sophie Monk suitors Jake "Apollo" Spence and Jarrod Woodgate, runners up Michael Turnbull and Lisa Hyde, Gold Coast nanny Tara Pavlovic and Laurina Fleure, who became a viral sensation for her dirty street pie tirade.

"I'm over the moon that we get to give all these people, who walked down the red carpet at the mansions, the chance to find the thing they originally came to find," host Osher Gunsberg says.

"I want these people to find what they came for."

Meeting on a tropical island in Fiji, the contestants will go on dates and then put any newly formed attractions to the test in rose ceremonies.

The cast of season one of Bachelor in Paradise Australia.
Cast members from season one of Bachelor in Paradise Australia. Tom Hollow

But instead of one person having all the flower power, these new rose ceremonies will see either all the men or women given roses to hand out to the opposite sex.

"It either tests or strengthens the relationships that are starting to form," Gunsberg says.

But there won't be enough roses for everyone. A few men or women will go home after each rose ceremony, before new people are introduced the following day. It's a recipe for a love triangle or two.

"Our love geometry goes way beyond triangles," he says. "We even a love trapezoid at one point."

While the American version of Bachelor in Paradise has made headlines for scandalous and raunchy behaviour, the Australian version will handle hookups in a tamer way.

"We are in a different timeslot and rating to the American version, so that does factor into what we do and don't show," Gunsberg says.

"Here's a bunch of guys and girls together on a hot steamy night and hey they're all single. As long as everyone's into it, bloody good on them I say."

Gunsberg says you can expect plenty of lighter, funny moments too.

"You get to know everybody a lot better on Bachelor in Paradise," he says. "You will see how smart and funny everyone is. I laughed my ass off every day working on this show.

"Sometimes you make a TV show and you go 'I reckon by episode seven we'll get there' but within a couple of days we (the crew) were looking at each other going 'Wow this is something else'."

Bachelor in Paradise premieres on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.