Asher Keddie and Osher Gunsberg in a scene from Offspring.
Asher Keddie and Osher Gunsberg in a scene from Offspring. Channel 10

Osher’s ‘super strange’ Offspring cameo

OSHER Gunsberg has handed out dozens of roses.

But, next week he'll be bestowing one on Asher Keddie when The Bachelor host guest stars in Offspring.

Cast in the drama as, ah, himself, Gunsberg magically appears, rose in hand, to give Nina Proudman a romantic lifeline.

"Pssst … take this," says Gunsberg, sliding into frame as Nina melts down watching her partner Harry getting uncomfortably close to his ex-girlfriend. "Everybody wants the final rose," he insists after Nina refuses his floral gift.

The fantastical element surrounding Gunsberg appearing as himself, in a fictional series, is enough to make viewers' minds swim.

Just as it did with Gunsberg's.

"It was super, super strange standing in the kitchen, in Nina's house," said Gunsberg, 43.

"On the fridge there were bills made out to Nina, and a photo of her husband who died. It was just this completely strange, trippy, experience."

The acting cameo is a rare departure for TV presenter of 18 years, Gunsberg. But he admits treading the floorboard was his first love - until his dreams were dashed when he was told he was "too fat" to be admitted to drama school.

Gunsberg steeled himself to audition again, this time at another university, where the judging panel told him he simply, "wasn't good enough".

In 2006, Gunsberg made his acting debut on Neighbours, in which he was cast as himself, appearing as Channel V host, Andrew G; as he was formerly known.

Several years ago, he had a bit part playing yet another incarnation of himself, when he starred as a radio DJ on American TV show State of Georgia.

Although Gunsberg doesn't necessarily have ambitions to pursue an acting career now, he "absolutely loved" being on the Offspring set. At least, once he got over the nerve-racking experience of playing opposite "acting royalty", Asher Keddie.

"The hardest part was not losing my s*** when I'm standing there on camera, on a packed drama set, and they've just called 'action' and I'm acting next to Asher Keddie," said Gunsberg.
"I got totally starstruck."

Offspring airs 8.30pm, Wednesday on Ten.