The Bachelorette contestant Aaron Brady from Golden Beach. Supplied by Channel 10.
The Bachelorette contestant Aaron Brady from Golden Beach. Supplied by Channel 10.

Our funny bachelor bows out

AARON Brady's sense of humour may not have gone down well with The Bachelorette Georgia Love, but he didn't leave the reality dating show broken hearted.

The 34-year-old was eliminated tonight after calling the program a competition.

"At the cocktail party I called the whole experience a competition. She pulled me up about it and she didn't like it," he told the Daily.

"I understand from her point of view it's not a competition, but for the guys obviously it is a competition. You're competing to get her attention. I made the statement jokingly and she took it the wrong way.

"The hard part I found with The Bachelorette is you have no control. She either likes you or she doesn't, and you can't change that."

But the Golden Beach bachelor now has a bunch of new mates thanks to his time living in the show's mansion on the outskirts of Sydney.

Most notably was his 'bromance' with model Rhys Chilton, which featured prominently during last week's premiere when Ms Love said their banter made her feel like a third wheel.

"They can label it a bromance; that's fine. We were just two mates hanging out and having a good time," he said.

"I got along with Rhys really well from the start. I knew him before we went on the show. Years ago he did some modelling work for me."

Mr Brady also has another memento from his time on The Bachelorette - a book cover. He was part of a group photo shoot for a series of romantic novels published by Mills & Boon and features in the cover image for Marion Lennox's Love on the Land.

The books will hit shelves on Monday and have a recommended retail price of $19.95.

"I'm standing in freezing cold water holding a log, which is awesome because that's what I do best," he laughed.

The marketing CEO is now throwing his support behind fellow Noosa sailing coach Ryan Palk.

"I got along with Ryan really well," he said. "We both kite surf and being from the Coast we had that common ground. He's a bit more introverted than some of the other guys on there and he's not as controversial, which is probably why he hasn't got a lot of air time yet. But all in all he's a good, genuine guy."

The Bachelorette continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 10.