OUR SAY: Don't give up on your dreams of a great job

IT WAS inspiring to speak to Rex Peters last week and see his determination to find work.

The high unemployment rate in our region speaks for itself.

It's challenging to find work, even if you have a great resume and many skills.

Lots of people are applying for the same jobs and it doesn't make it easy.

But Mr Peters' story made it clear to me that if you are determined and persistent it will pay off, even if takes time.

He was prepared to stand out on the road with a 'work wanted' sign every morning until he found work.

He had found himself in a situation many would dread.

Having just bought his first house, Mr Peters found himself out of work and living on his savings.

It's a situation any one of us could find ourselves in.

I wonder how many of us would have the gumption to stand by the road and put ourselves out there every day like Mr Peters did, though.

He should be tremendously proud of himself and his courage.

Now he has found himself another job, which he will start today, which will allow him to hold on to his home.

To other jobseekers out there who are still looking, don't lose hope.

It's tough times, but there is a job out there for everyone.

The key is to keep going, whether you're rejected once or more than 100 times, as Mr Peters was during his job search.

Never give up.