ELECTION CHALLENGER: Keppel candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party Paula Ganfield is looking forward to creating greater awareness about her political party's priorities.
ELECTION CHALLENGER: Keppel candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party Paula Ganfield is looking forward to creating greater awareness about her political party's priorities.

Outspoken 5G opponent joins election race for seat of Keppel

EMBOLDENED by her crusade to halt the roll out of 5G technology on the Capricorn Coast, Paula Ganfield has injected herself into the Queensland Election campaign as the Keppel candidate for the Informed Medical Options Party.

Formerly known as the Involuntary Medication Objectors (vaccination/fluoride) Party, Ms Ganfield’s party IMOP stands primarily against forced medication, compulsory or coerced vaccination and fluoride in our water.

Ms Ganfield grew up in West Gippsland, country Victoria before going on to study chemical and physical sciences at Deakin University and photography at the Melbourne School of Art.

Based in Yeppoon, the married, mother of two works part-time as a receptionist and practices massage and alternate therapies locally.

She regards herself as an advocate for medical freedom, environmental freedom and ethical freedom, truth, transparency and accountability.

It’s been a “big rush” for the last-minute entrant to get her paperwork together after being endorsed by the party last Wednesday.

Her drive to “step up” in this election has come from feeling compelled to raise awareness for an improved Australian standard of living for her children and all Australian children to come.

Ms Ganfield sincerely feels connecting with nature in a holistic and honest manner free from exploitation and harm is essential for allowing our children to see a future rich in health.

She has become concerned with how the current system lacks public consultation on important aspects of daily living such as medical, industrial, and environmental issues.

“In the present system those whom question the existing government are

silenced or ridiculed,” she said.

“What happened to encouraging the community to take an interest in future

outcomes for a safe, healthy and sustainable future for our children?”

The implementation of new technologies that directly impact society and all living things, became a central focus for her to join and work with like-minded people to establish the advocacy and awareness community group, Capricornia Safe Living.

“The sole purpose was trying to put a halt on the 5G rollout and bring it to the attention of the public and educate people with what it actually entails,” she said.

“There’s plenty of military people speaking out about 5G, what it enables and what it’s capable of doing to us and there’s plenty of evidence-based science there that you can have a look at.”

While Ms Ganfield didn’t agree with vaccinations, she wasn’t an “anti-vaxxer” and her children were vaccinated.

“When you do have your children vaccinated, you don’t get the full disclosure of what is in the actual vaccination,” she said.

“People should be given more information and greater choice.”

The main policy areas which resonate strongly for Ms Ganfield include:

• Environmental Choices: She is motivated to establish safe radiation and pollution levels by applying the Precautionary Principle alongside the non-biased and accountable monitoring of industrial infrastructure advancements, developments, and deployments across various sectors.

• Medical Choices: Ms Ganfield is motivated to establish bodily autonomy for every Australian, and to increase the prominence and inclusion of alternate and natural therapies into the healthcare system.

• Ethical Choices: She is motivated to establish transparent dialogue around significant matters that affect the integrity of communities on a core level such as those topics attached to abortion, addiction, and body image.