A former Noosa politician who transferred his house to his then-partner after he was accused of child sex acts to stop his victim laying claim to it has accused his ex of trying to sell it from under him.

The former lover of the now convicted child sex abuser who was once deputy mayor of Noosa, stood by her man throughout his trial for sex acts with a teen schoolgirl, but has now been accused of failing to visit him in prison and trying to sell his house to keep the proceeds.

Frank James Pardon, 71, has sued his former defacto Fabia Diane Novak, 57, a massage therapist, claiming he only agreed to transfer his home on Noosa's tranquil North Shore to Novak because she agreed she would never sell it and she would hold it "on trust" for him.

Pardon claims in his breach of contract lawsuit filed in the District Court in Maroochydore last week that Novak "purports to hold the legal title" to the home and "proposes to sell" it - in breach of her promise to him.

According to court documents, the transfer of ownership was a move aimed at protecting her share of the home from the risk of a damages lawsuit by Pardon's sexual abuse victim who was 14 when she was molested.

Novak's interest in the home arose from the $60,000 she paid for the construction of a massage therapy studio in the back garden in 2016, the claim states.

Fabia Novak and Frank Pardon source: Facebook.
Fabia Novak and Frank Pardon source: Facebook.

The couple lived in the home for four years until he was jailed in 2019.

Pardon said he bought the plot of land in 2011, before meeting Novak, and built a home, paying off the mortgage in full by 2017.

Pardon claims he told Novak in 2017 after he was charged that "he was concerned there may be civil claims arising out of the charges if he was convicted and he did not want (Novak) to lose the money she had invested in … the construction of the studio".

Pardon is serving an 18 month jail term for performing oral sex on a teen girl in his car, digital penetration and inappropriately touching and kissing her multiple times at his home and at her workplace in the 1990s.

Pardon claims in his lawsuit that Novak wrote to him in prison on the day before Valentines Day this year and told him that she had the legal right to sell the Noosa North Shore home and keep all the profits from the sale because she was the sole owner.

Frank Pardon was jailed for 18 months in 2019.
Frank Pardon was jailed for 18 months in 2019.

Novak had supported Pardon while he stood trial, accompanying him to court each day, holding his hand.

Pardon claims that in the five months after police charged him with child sex offences in April 2017, Novak told him that she wanted a half-interest in the home as security for her $60,000 investment.

In February 2018 Pardon claims he agreed to transfer the remaining half-interest in the home to her.

Novak also held Pardon's power of attorney since 2016, the claim states.

Fabia Novak and Frank Pardon.
Fabia Novak and Frank Pardon.

He was found guilty in 2019 of five counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16, four counts while under care, and one count of maintaining a sexual relationship with a minor.

He told his victim he wished that she was 16 so that he could sleep with her and that he wanted to leave his wife and he wished that she was his wife and that "we could go somewhere together".

She told the jury that after sex acts Pardon turned up at her school and presented her with a bunch of flowers.

The former councillor is in Wolston prison and is due to be released on June 10, court documents state.

His appeal against his conviction was rejected.

No date has been set for hearing. No defence has been filed.

Originally published as Paedo pollie: Ex is selling my house while I'm in the jailhouse