SUPER FRIENDS: Nathan Arnold provides a shoulder to lean on for his best friend Bec Francis.
SUPER FRIENDS: Nathan Arnold provides a shoulder to lean on for his best friend Bec Francis. Contributed

Pair prove women and men can just be friends

CAN men and women really be just friends?

Rockhampton's Bec Francis and Nathan Arnold think so, and have been defying the odds for nearly five years.

The pair even met through someone Bec had been dating years ago, and they just hit it off - platonically, of course.

"We're both really silly," Bec said.

For Bec, Nathan is like an older brother.

Even Bec's potential boyfriends have to meet Nathan and get his seal of approval.

"I have to get accustomed to telling dates that my best friend is a guy.

"But when I'm dating someone he (Nathan) usually becomes good friends with them anyway," Bec said.

And it looks like Bec, 17 and Nathan's friendship is proving one survey wrong.

New research by found it's just not possible for men and women to be friends.

The survey found men to be more likely to have feelings for a friend of the opposite sex, with 60% of guys wanting "something more".

While only 28% of women felt the same.

But sometimes friendship can turn into romance, with 51% of men successfully dating their friend, compared to 36% of women. spokesperson Sean Wood said research showed what blokes had suspected for a while - platonic friendship with a woman often led to more, with men usually more attracted.

But to Bec and Nathan, 19, the stats don't matter - they have been friends since their early teens.

"Nathan's really nice and I don't think there will ever be a time when we're not friends," Bec said.

Nathan agrees: "We're definitely best mates; she's really caring and I can talk to her about anything."

Love a friend

Reasons not to date your best friend:

You could ruin your friendship if things go bad.

It might not be comfortable. It might feel almost as if you are dating your brother or sister.

You will have to find a new best friend.

They will know everything about you (even the embarrassing stories).