AFL: Panthers Joe McGahan and Brothers' Terry Miles.
AFL: Panthers Joe McGahan and Brothers' Terry Miles. Allan Reinikka ROK120518aafl2

Panthers defeat out-manned Brothers

AUSSIE RULES: It seemed as though the Brothers couldn't keep up with the fitness of the Panthers on the weekend, after suffering a disappointing 10.13-73 to 14.18-102.

After a number of injuries and sit-outs throughout the match, Brothers were sufficiently out-manned by their opposition.

"The boys started going down with cramping and injuries and different things,” Brothers coach, Michael Rose said.

"We weren't able to continue on projectory in the last quarter.

"It seems we couldn't muster enough fitness against the Panthers.

AFL: Panthers Ryan McCosker.
AFL: Panthers' Ryan McCosker. Allan Reinikka ROK120518aafl1

"We were down on the bench to start and only had three benched for the whole game because our mid-fields and our main mid-fielder didn't get off work in time.”

Brothers' also struggled with endurance levels, as they had a few players returning from injuries who weren't able to run throughout the whole game.

"It was a test of resilience,” Rose said.

"We kept our heads up and didn't try until the end because we didn't have the legs.

"We were with them throughout the game and in the last quarter we needed six goals to win.

"We ended up kicking four goals in the last quarter, in the last 10 minutes.”

With only two more goals needed to win, the Brothers were struggling to maintain efforts.

The Panthers kicked a goal and the Brothers soon began to feel defeat.

"They were all buggered and the players couldn't keep going,” Rose said.

AFL: Panthers Matthew Ryan.
SAFE HANDS: Panthers Matthew Ryan is a picture of concentration. Allan Reinikka ROK120518aafl3

"The crew tried their hardest and did their best.

"We could've come away with it if we had the run in legs, but we couldn't do it in the end.”

Brothers' Tony Wolfenden did a "really good job” at keeping on top of Panthers' threat, Calvin Hockley, who kicked five goals in the first half.

"Tony is a young fella and I'm happy with his worth ethic,” Rose said.

"He played at the front and did everything he was supposed to do.

"In the second half, we made sure when the ball hit the ground we wouldn't let Calvin pick it up... he was unstoppable when he had it.”

Hockley finished with eight goal, with another impressive match effort delivered by Matt Ryan.

The Panthers held their ground throughout the game and delivered more runs and attacks on the ball.

"It wasn't too bad of a game. I thought we might have been able to come back in the last quarter.”