RELIEVING SYMPTOMS: As degenerative diseases progress, improving quality of life is the main treatment.
RELIEVING SYMPTOMS: As degenerative diseases progress, improving quality of life is the main treatment. Gail Forrer

Parkinson's Disease: how can it be slowed?

PARKINSON'S disease is a degenerative nervous system disease with increasing incidence in Australia.

It's known that although degenerative disease is problematic for the sufferer, progression may be slowed with properly prescribed phytotherapy (herbal medicine).

Be warned, it's come to my attention there may be misleading selling of goods in CQ markets with verbal claims that consumable goods can cure Parkinson's disease.

Once disease becomes degenerative, then conventional medicine probably focuses on palliative care, which means endeavouring to relieve pain and symptoms without correcting causative factors.

Sometimes this is the only option when degenerative disease has markedly progressed.

Traditional naturopathy under the most satisfactory conditions may at best slow disease progression, which helps improve quality of life somewhat.

I recall a male aged in his late 70s was given a medical prognosis of six months when he attended my clinic in late 2006.

The medical prognosis was quite reasonable I thought at the time, so my focus went to mustering what could be done to improve quality of life.

My treatment protocol with this case involved stimulating nervous vitality to counteract slowness of movements, reduce tremors to conserve nervous energy, counteract debilitating stiffness as well as attempting to help restful sleep.

At three months, slight improvement on treatment objectives began and at six months he reached one-third improvement to quality of life.

He never made further recovery, however life quality was sustained at that level until his passing a few months after the 2011 floods.

Lifestyle demands had significantly depleted vitality for many years prior to 2006.

The preservation of vitality is our most valuable commodity, observing good vitality in your life goes a long way to finding better health each and every day.

The point regarding this case is clear to me: always choose a skilled GP or naturopath interested in restoring vitality long term.

I say with sureness taking marketeer's opinions based on promise of cure may possibly bring premature unhappiness.

In the work, An Essay on the Shaking Palsy, James Parkinson comments "palsy, either consequent to compression of the brain, or dependent on partial exhaustion of the energy of that organ, may, when the palsied limbs become affected with tremulous motions, be confounded with this disease”.

Traditional naturopathy acknowledges full well that when scar tissue builds up on the brain or when weariness from stress undermines health, the road to recovery is confronting.