TV STAR: Paul Murray hosted a Live show on Sky News at Beef Australia 2018.
TV STAR: Paul Murray hosted a Live show on Sky News at Beef Australia 2018. Allan Reinikka ROK090518amurray1

Paul Murray bridges the gap between the city and country

THE "city” boy Paul Murray headed country this week to Rockhampton for Beef Australia.

Taking in the surroundings, the television personality said the expo was a great way to showcase Australia's beef industry.

He said he was not going to hide the fact he was a city boy and most people, like himself, in the city did not know how big the beef industry really was.

"There is a great lack of information that there is a lot of businesses connected in this agriculture,” he said.

"I think there is an affinity between the person on the land and the person in the city, it is always the case.”

A key to bridging that gap would be connecting to people in the city and talking about the industry, he said.

"This is a very modern industry but in the city there isn't a great understanding of how modern how this industry has become,” Murray said.

"Talk about the technology a whole lot more.”

Murray hosted a live show for Sky News from Ergon Energy Stage on Wednesday.

"The most fired-up show on tele is coming to Beef Australia, it's going to fire up a few things like the budget but some other things like live export,” he said.

"On top of that we are going to talk to some local producers because the message for us is to be able to talk about this industry back into the big city and the rest of the country.”

Looking around The Paddock and the bustling crowd, Murray was excited to be in Rocky.

"What I love about the show (Beef Australia) it is not just the chance to talk to lots of people but for someone who hasn't been here before, to see all the information around,” he said.

"How many businesses, how many people, what is the size of the industry, the stuff that people inside the industry take for granted.

"But for those who are just getting across and trying to advocate for it, when we get home to know there is 50,000 businesses locked up in it, that matters.”