REPLAYS: TCC v St Brendan's in Payne Cup, Cowboys Challenge

THE Cathedral College and St Brendan's College clash in the final round of the Aaron Payne Cup today.

The highly anticipated local derby at 5pm at Browne Park will be livestreamed on this website.

The Cowboys Challenge game at 4pm between the same two schools will also be livestreamed.

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This story will be updated with a link to the livestream closer to kick-off.

TCC has had three wins and a loss in the premier schoolboys competition, while St Brendan's is yet to score a win.

How the APC teams line up:

The Cathedral College: Germaine Bulsey, Noah Chadwick, Kurtis Farr, Darcy Biles, Jackson Warde, Zayne Cox, Brodie Gill, Riley Boaza, Jai Hansen, Nathen Kleidon, Riley Hall, Tyler Conroy, Seth McGilvray, Joe Sutton, Jordan Heke, Tom Powell, Joshua Grange, Jesua Winni, Lincoln Pickering

St Brendan's College: Jye Marriott, Marley Wosomo, Kalani Sing, Mitchell Biddulph, Matthew Hill, Blake Anders, Peyton Jenkins, Tully Barritt, Izaac Jackson, Jake Baigrie, Grady Callaghan, Ilami Buli, Coby Williamson, Bailey Sims, Shannon Grey, Keahlan O'Brien, Tristan Barron, Harry Gray

REPLAY: St Brendan's College v The Cathedral College in the Cowboy's Challenge



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