Keep Fido or Snookums snug in a pet’s Huts and Bay Teepee, available at
Keep Fido or Snookums snug in a pet’s Huts and Bay Teepee, available at

Pet teepees set to pop up in Aussie homes this winter

DOGGONE it, I knew Australians loved their four-legged friends, but I was surprised to learn a higher proportion of us live in households with a dog and a cat than we do with just a child.

In fact, more than 50% of Australians live with at least one pet (cat or dog), whereas only 35% of us share our households with a child.

So why should the two-legged family members have all the fun? As the colder months approach you can keep your fur babies fashionably warm with the latest designer pet teepees and cosy cat pods.

Pet teepees provide your cat or dog with a cosy place in which to curl up and snooze. Giving your pet their very own room means they know they can always turn to it if they want a nap or their own space, allowing them to feel safe and secure.

Curious cats especially love finding a hidey-hole and nook to settle in. A pet home also protects your furniture and restricts the shedding of pet hairs - a definite positive.

Pet beds now are so much more than a bed, as there are so many options, including memory foam varieties.

Even Sealy now produces a variety of mattresses which are available at online pet boutiques.

Whichever pet bed, teepee or pod you choose, ensure it is in keeping with the rest of your décor. Go for a fabric that will endure and a darker colour will require less washing, although you may want to regularly deodorise your pet's bed or home.