Dr Patricia Petersen.
Dr Patricia Petersen. Contributed

Petersen's court suit against Ipswich council ended

A SUPREME court action launched by a former political candidate against the council and its mayor has ended.

Former mayoral candidate Patricia Petersen in January launched a case against suspended mayor Andrew Antoniolli, Ipswich City Council and former Ipswich MP Rachel Nolan.

Ms Petersen claimed acts were taken against her 'causing political and financial harm' during her stand at the 2012 state election.

The matter against Ms Nolan is ongoing.

Ms Petersen claimed the three defendants damaged her election signage and she alleged Cr Antoniolli and Ms Nolan misused a public office to cause harm to her.

The matter between Ms Petersen and Cr Antoniolli has now ended.

Court records show the matter has been 'discontinued'.

Ms Petersen represented herself.

She would not disclose the terms of the settlement, saying she would honour a confidentiality agreement.

During the Supreme Court hearing in Brisbane yesterday, Ms Nolan's barrister Jeffrey Rolls said Ms Nolan "wants to resolve the matter" but she needed to know what the case against her was.

Mr Rolls said he understood the matters against Cr Antoniolli and Ipswich City Council had been discontinued.

Justice Debra Mullins said this was probably a "wise move" from Ms Petersen.

"Most of your course of action was statute-barred," Justice Mullins told Ms Petersen on Monday.

Ms Petersen said it had been "a very respectful process" with "all parties willing to compromise".

But Ms Petersen claimed Ms Nolan "republished" defamatory material to media in the past 12 months.

Ms Petersen said she heard a journalist and Ms Nolan discussing her at a coffee shop in mid-January.

"You don't make your case up as you go along," Justice Mullins told Ms Petersen.

"Ms Nolan can't answer the case unless she knows what it is."

"I even said to Ms Nolan outside that I'm coming to this with an open heart," Ms Petersen told Justice Mullins.

Costs were reserved and the matter will be reviewed on October 4.

Ms Petersen initially sought $2.7 million in damages.

Ms Nolan, Cr Antoniolli and Ipswich City Council were contacted.