Frenchville Bushrangers pitcher Louie Cox.
Frenchville Bushrangers pitcher Louie Cox.

PHOTOS: Bushrangers claim championship victory

THE undefeated Frenchville Bushrangers claimed the championship trophy in the open men's softball today.

The Bushrangers defeated the Mongrels at Kele Park 20-nil to land the top spot.

After the six-innings game, pitcher Louie Cox, the youngest player on the field, said although it "wasn't a strong game, we still had fun".

"That's the main thing," he said.

Cox, a Bushranger for five years, praised the play of brother and teammate Daniel Cox, and considered his own "not too bad".

"I did get struck out," he said.

"I played all right."

The grand final was Cox's last game as an under 18s player.

Softball season begins again next March.