The crash on George Street on July 31, 2017, which Brock Seigert was badly hurt and would no longer be able to work at full capacity.
The crash on George Street on July 31, 2017, which Brock Seigert was badly hurt and would no longer be able to work at full capacity. Allan Reinikka ROK310717acrash1

Plasterer suing insurer for $700,000 after truck rear-ended

BROCK Siegert's future came crashing down on July 31, 2017, after a truck rear-ended his vehicle causing severe injuries.

Brock Siegert of Norman Gardens, now 38, was driving a Mitsubishi Triton ute at 10.50am that day, north on George St, Rockhampton, between the intersections of Fitzroy and Archer St.

It is alleged Mr Siegert indicated left and slowed down to turn off George St and into a shopping centre when a Kenworth prime mover travelling behind him collided into the rear of his ute, causing the ute to roll on its roof.

It is claimed the driver failed to keep a proper lookout, did not travel a safe distance behind the ute, failed to stop or slow down and was driving at an excessive speed.

The court claim alleges as a result of the collision, Mr Siegert has a spinal injury which causes strong pain in his neck, left shoulder and shoulder blade and has reduced his range of motion and strength on his left side.

According to the claim, he has difficulty lifting and holding his left arm above shoulder height and experiences pins and needles in his left hand intermittently.

This makes overhead work, heavy lifting and forceful repetitive use of his left arm difficult to impossible, it is claimed.

He requires medication to alleviate his pain and his sleep is disturbed.

The claim says Mr Siegert was an active person and has not been able to return to play golf, basketball and touch football, nor can he do yard maintenance.

At the time of the collision he was driving the ute between client jobs as part of his employment with a local plasterer.

He did receive compensation from WorkCover Queensland and was off work for six weeks.

He returned to work on light duties for two and a half weeks however was unable to cope and terminated his employment.

Prior to the collision, Mr Siegert had plans to set up his own business.

He set up his own account as a plasterer in October 2018 but relies on sub-contractors to carry out work he is unable to perform or is slower at.

Solicitor Justin Houlihan of Rees R & Sydney Jones Rockhampton has filed a court claim with Rockhampton Supreme Court on behalf of Brock Bennet Siegert against the truck driver and truck's insurers RACQ Insurance Limited, suing for more than $700,000.

A notice of intention to defend and a offer to settle was lodged on May 9, on behalf of RACQ Insurance Limited.

RACQ Insurance Limited decline to comment on the matter.