The fat man and friend with a fine red and a big nanny.
The fat man and friend with a fine red and a big nanny.

FISHING TAILS: Plenty of fish to choose from this week

GRUNTER, bream, barramundi, fingermark, salmon, mangrove jack, cod and muddies are all working this week.

The River, The Causeway, Ross, Pumpkin, Deep, Sandfly, Fishing, Undiscovered, Waterpark and Coorooman Creeks are producing crabs so take your pots when you go fishing. Black jew are coming into contention as we move towards the second quarter.

They are starting to appear in small quantities prior to schooling up for breeding in the next few months. They have been taken in ones and twos at Port Alma and in Corio Bay as well as the big jew haunts such as Corio Heads, Ironpot, Double Heads and The Pinnacles. We were up at the Pinns chasing grunter on light gear the other day when what started out like a grunter grew big time into a 12kg black jew.

There is a good chance of picking up both in the coming weeks.

Spanish mackerel have picked up in quantity at all the known spots. Cape Manifold, Flat, Perforated, The Pinnacles, Conical, Outer, Man & Wife, Big Peninsula, Barren & Child, Humpy, Hummocky and Liza Jane each hold spanish, so take your pick.

Liza Jane works best on a 4m tide at 10am (bigger tides) so does The Pinnacles, all the other spots go well on any high before lunch time. We used to say they shut down at 10 o'clock for pub opening and start again when school finishes at 3pm.

The shoals and the deep grounds can work all day when there is run in the water.

Poppy Steve with a nice local Spaniard.
Poppy Steve with a nice local Spaniard.

The bait schools are mid-sized fish at present after the run of small baits which means bonito and ribbonfish (wolfies) are probably the pick troll baits.

The other rule is never bottom bash without floating pilly or live bait, because often the fish of the day takes the floater.

Coral trout numbers don't appear to have changed much with trout featuring in most catches most of the time.

Whether it is shallow water or deeper reef they keep on happening.

All the local islands have fine trout populations at varying depths from a few metres down.

Chris from Chris Nash Fibreglass scored another top spanish mackerel around the islands.
Chris from Chris Nash Fibreglass scored another top spanish mackerel around the islands.

When you are looking for trout start in very close to the rocks and move out a bit at a time.

Many of the trout caught around the islands come from the shaley type layer structures around the headlands - not just coral reef like the name implies. Live baits, big dead baits or lures can do the damage on any day and even poppers account for trout around those rocky, washy, shallow outcrops.

Redthroat emperor, cod, parrot, tuna and wahoo have been taken in the last week or so and as usual the redfishes are firing too.

The bigger reds haven't moved back out to the deeper waters yet. If Hughie plays the game and gives us some good weekends instead of boss's weather we are in for some great weeks ahead.

Thanks again to Bluefin Sports, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine, The Secret Spot, Kalka Bait and Tackle who are the local weigh points where you can get your photo taken or just drop yours in. Send your emails or photos in to be eligible for any of our $50 random voucher draws.