HANGING: A truck overturned at Swanbank yesterday.
HANGING: A truck overturned at Swanbank yesterday. Andrew Korner

Truck loses load in bridge crash

TWO truck accidents kept emergency services on their toes and created delays for motorists as Ipswich children returned to school yesterday.

The drivers of trucks that overturned at Formation St, Carole Park and on Swanbank Rd, Swanbank were lucky to escape with minor injuries.

One of the drivers was taken to Ipswich Hospital with leg injuries after being freed from the cabin of a semi-trailer that crashed off a bridge at Swanbank, about 7.55am.

The semi-trailer skidded into a right-hand bend and toppled over the bridge's guardrail. The impact caused a large diesel spill, while the load of waste was sprawled across the ground.

Firefighters helped to free the driver from the badly crushed cabin.

The crash caused significant delays for heavy vehicles, as authorities waited several hours for the arrival of a crane.

At Carole Park, a truck driver was left with a large cut to his head after his rig overturned at the intersection of Mica St and Formation St about 7.47am.

Police believe the crash occurred at low speed, as the truck negotiated a roundabout.