Police, cabbies trial SMS reminders to get people home safe

A PROGRAM between Rockhampton Police and Rocky Yellow Cabs is all about getting you home safe.

The joint initiative will have an SMS sent to your mobile when you've booked a Rocky Yellow Cab, telling you: End your night safely. Don't drink and drive. Working with police to reduce road trauma.

Acting Superintendent Virginia Nelson said the partnership with Rocky Yellow Cabs encouraged people who intended to drink, to plan ahead and organise a taxi to get home, rather than drive intoxicated.

"Alcohol is a significant causal factor in many fatal and serious injury traffic accidents," she said.

Act Supt Nelson said a two-week trial of the program would run in Rockhampton.

Rocky Yellow Cabs manager Donna-Maree Donoghue said calling a taxi had always been a safe and reliable way to end an enjoyable night out, instead of risking driving intoxicated and being involved in an accident.

The initiative is part of Rockhampton Police's Be Safe campaign, which is about encouraging people to take responsibility for their actions when drinking.


There is a relationship between a person's blood alcohol level and crash risk:

At a reading of 0.01 a driver is almost five times more likely to be in a crash

A driver with a blood alcohol reading of 0.15 has a crash risk 22 times higher than a driver with no alcohol in their system

Alcohol and drug driving is the number one contributor in 30% of fatal crashes in Qld