Police cars collide after epic car chase

A POLICE chase that began after a fuel drive-off in Logan, south of Brisbane, has ended with two police cars crashing into each other.

The chase began when the driver of a red Lancer allegedly stole fuel from a Waterford West petrol station about 10.30pm on Friday, before being chased for nearly two hours across the city.

It took 28 police cars to stop the vehicle, with tyre deflation devices used to force the vehicle to stop at Murrumba Downs just after 12am.

Two officers "received minor whiplash" when two police vehicles crashed into each other on Dohles Rocks Rd, during the operation

No one else was hurt during the chase.

A 34-year-old was charged with multiple offences, including one count of driving without a licence, evasion, obstructing police and four counts of stealing.

Originally published as Police cars collide after epic car chase