Ipswich police located a sawn-off shotgun in the roof of a Brassal home. Pic: file photo
Ipswich police located a sawn-off shotgun in the roof of a Brassal home. Pic: file photo

Police find sawn-off shot gun, ammo hidden in roof

WHEN police climbed into a roof cavity of an Ipswich house they found a sawn-off shotgun secreted in a duffel bag.

Why Reece Gregory Clark had the illegal weapon he did not say.

Clark appeared from jail via video-link before Ipswich Magistrates Court on Thursday to be sentenced on 11 charges.

Reece Gregory Clark, 28, from Brassall, pleaded guilty to charges that include being in possession of a weapon (category H) on September 24 last year; possession of drug utensils (syringe, grinders and scales); four counts of being in possession of dangerous drugs; not having authority to be in possession of explosives (ammunition); and obstructing police on August 6.

He had been held in custody 4 ½ months before his court appearance.

Prosecutor Sergeant Molinaro said the drugs Clark was found with were cocaine; cannabis, steroids, and MDMA.

The shortened shotgun offence was regarded as the most serious of the charges before the court.

When it was found in the roof cavity Sgt Molinaro said it was inside a black duffel bag that also held 12 rounds of ammunition.

Another bullet was found inside his parked car. Clark did not hold a weapons licence.

Clark was charged with obstructing police after he ran off from officers when police intercepted a car he was passenger in.

Sgt Molinaro said his history was poor and prior Queensland offences included entering a dwelling with intent, assault causing bodily harm, and dangerous driving.

Police sought a jail penalty of nine to 12 months.

Defence lawyer Amy Zanders, from Bouchier Khan, said Clark's father fell terminally ill and died in September 2018.

"Instructs that he had a relapse with drugs. He had been behaving himself until this," Ms Zanders said.

"It wasn't a smart decision. Says they were all stupid decisions.

"While in prison he has developed a drug relapse plan. He has been clean in prison.

"Instructs that his mother is on a disability pension and he will live with her.

"He is at that point in life where he wants to stop offending, to build a new life and move on."

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said his new offences were done when subject to a parole order. And this caused him to be returned to jail.

Taking into account the time spent back in custody Mr Kinsella sentenced Clark to six months jail for the weapon offence, and to lesser concurrent jail terms for the drug offences.

He can begin his application for parole immediately.

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