WATERCOOLER: Hefty fines, punishments for hoons too harsh?

SIX months behind bars and up to $5000 in fines is the potential harsh reality waiting at the finish line for illegal street racers.

Hefty fines and prison aside, those nabbed hooning will also face police powers of impounding, immobilising and confiscating vehicles used in dangerous driving offences - and the bill.

Drivers caught doing a skid could be fined up to $2277.

Under the hooning banner, which Queensland Police deems to include any anti-social behaviour conducted in a motor vehicle, drivers nabbed street racing could be up on traffic offences of dangerous driving, careless driving, making unnecessary noise or smoke, and racing or conducting speed trials on a public road.

Under two types of street racing and hooning offences, those caught driving uninsured, unlicensed or unregistered, drink-driving or speeding could find themselves up on hooning charges.

How bad is hooning in your area?

This poll ended on 14 January 2016.

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Terrible, you'd be forgiven for thinking we live near a raceway


Not too bad, we have the odd hooning car now and again


Fine, we seem to live in a hoon-free area


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Hooning or street racing offences could land offenders in court or arrested.

What do you think about this? Are these fines, penalties and punishments too harsh or not harsh enough? 

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Jackie Lewis: "Bring it on. Had an absolute gut full of them dropping wheelies up our road."

Brian Catterall: "What's the value on another humans life?"

Taran Saunders: "Isnt that higher penalties than domestic violence, drink driving, attacking random members of the public."

Vinny Bennett: "Not enough, the danger these people put others in is incredible, if the want to drag race or do burn outs why not do it at a venue that is licensed for those events, if they cant find one then contact the local police & ask them for help to organize it."

Arthur Bugden: "We have just had a death of an unlicenced, unregistered rider doing 130 in a 60 zone and you are arguing about penalities being too harsh. They are no where near harsh enough for the dickheads who scream up our street where we got kids and pets and law abiding citizens living. The penalties won't worry you iota if you are doing the right thing in the first place."

Angela Bauer: "Stuff the fines, its clear they aren't working. Make them work in a morgue or at a road crash site. Show them the horror of their actions!"

Kyilie-Jean Foster: "That's why we need a hooning strip. Legalise it in a controlled safe environment and teach safe driving aspects as well. Young ones need to be educated on road vehicle safety."

Krystal Freebairn: "The hoon laws these days go a little to far. if the council would allow us to have a safe area where peole could skid there would be a lot less of it on the streets."