Frontline Action on Coal protesters at the Carmichael rail construction site. Picture: FLAC
Frontline Action on Coal protesters at the Carmichael rail construction site. Picture: FLAC

Police probe claim Bravus worker deliberately hit protester

Police are investigating a complaint of an alleged hit and run involving a Carmichael rail site worker and an anti-coal activist.

In a statement posted on the Frontline Action on Coal Facebook page, retired lawyers Barbara Guthrie and Maureen Kingshott said a Bravus contractor deliberately hit a woman protesting at an Adani works depot but also suggested it drove by "narrowly missing" her.

Frontline Action on Coal protesters disrupted construction work on Bravus Mining and Resources' Carmichael rail corridor in Central Queensland on March 24.

"(A car) slowed to turn off into the access area, then accelerated and drove straight at the banner holders, knocking one woman to the ground," the statement said.

"The driver's action was clearly deliberate."

A Bravus spokeswoman said it was aware of "unverified claims" from the activists that one person came into contact with a work vehicle and another was attached to a conveyor belt using an illegal dragon sleeve device when the belt was energised.

"We are working with the Queensland Police Service to investigate these claims," the spokeswoman said.

"On the day, legal proceedings were commenced against multiple activists, which included arrests and infringement notices.

"We will pursue our legal rights through the courts on these matters.

"Activists who trespass on our construction site have no idea of the dangers of being around heavy construction equipment.

"Everyone who enters our site undertakes full safety inductions, and complies with safety procedures to ensure their own safety and that of those around them.

"This is why activists who enter our site illegally are putting themselves and our workers in danger. We plead with them for their own safety to stop doing this."

The statement on the FLAC Facebook page went on to say the woman struck received cuts and grazes and was later treated in hospital.

"We express serious concerns about the safety practices of Adani's contractors," it said.

"We have provided the police with the driver's car registration number and expect serious charges to be laid."

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said a complaint had been received in relation to an alleged hit and run involving a vehicle and pedestrian at Belyando on March 24.

"There has been no charges laid, however investigations into the matter are continuing," she said.

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