Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens.
Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens. Matt Taylor GLA130718COURT

Police prosecutor performs CPR during court

A POLICE prosecutor has performed CPR in a courtroom after a woman in the public gallery reportedly had a seizure.

The Murgon Magistrates Court was in the midst of police call overs on Tuesday afternoon when a woman slumped in her chair at the back of the courtroom.

A man accompanying the woman started shaking her and telling her to wake up.

Magistrate Louisa Pink asked the man what was happening at the back of her courtroom.

"She's having a seizure, your honour, I'm sorry," he said.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens raced to the back of the courtroom, moved chairs out of the way and immediately placed the woman in the recovery position.

Sgt Stevens attempted to get a response from the woman, however she'd stopped breathing.

"Can somebody please call 000," he said.

"Somebody else call the Murgon police station, tell them it's an emergency and we need a defibrillator," he said.

Sgt Stevens then performed CPR on the woman and was able to get her breathing again.

Emergency services were on scene within minutes, and Sgt Stevens was able to give paramedics a run down of the incident.

"I gave her five quick breaths, I was just about to start pushing and she started breathing again," he said.

"Her pulse is going up and down but she's talking to us."

A QAS spokesman said the 47-year-old woman was taken to Murgon Hospital in a stable condition.

Sgt Stevens was the top police prosecutor in Gladstone until leaving the port city in July.