Rocky cop says police pursuits are well monitored

FROM 2011 to 2015 Queensland Police Service recorded 832 police pursuits with 44 associated crashes so when police conduct pursuits they assure they put community safety first.

Senior Sergeant Ewan Findlater of the Rockhampton Traffic Branch said the policy on pursuits was quite clear.

"Police officers are well aware of those circumstances and any decision that an officer makes with respect to pursuing a vehicle will come under scrutiny internally and possibly externally."

Snr Sgt Findlater said officers did make decisions on the jump.

"They don't have a lot of time so they are forced to make quick decisions."

"Where it may be a pursuable offence the onus is obviously on safety for both themselves, all other road users and those bring pursued."

If police stop a pursuit they have a number of options to identify drivers .